"Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Farm" на русском языке, автор: Betty MacDonald. Русский перевод книги "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Farm".

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Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm на русском языке

Рады представить вам русский любительский перевод книги «Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Farm» от автора Betty MacDonald.

Перевод на русский язык выполнил Ершов Богдан.

Оригинальное краткое описание:

Ms. Piggle-Wiggle’s left her upside-down town house and has moved to a farm in the country. With the help of her cows and pigs and horses, she’s still curing girls and boys of their bad habits. So whatever the problem-from pet forgetter-itis to fraidycat-ness-the parents all exclaim, «Better call Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle!»

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