«Skip Beat!, Vol. 01» на русском языке, автор: Yoshiki Nakamura. Русский перевод книги «Skip Beat!, Vol. 01».

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Skip Beat!, Vol. 01 на русском языке

Рады представить вам русский любительский перевод книги «Skip Beat!, Vol. 01» от автора Yoshiki Nakamura.

Перевод на русский язык выполнил Веселов Герман.

Оригинальное краткое описание:

Kyoko always thought that Sho, whose family took her in when she was small, was her prince charming. However, when Sho heads for Tokyo to make it big as a musician, Kyoko goes with him and has to quit high school to support his dream. But soon, being in the big city makes Kyoko realize that she has show business ambitions of her own!

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