"With a Tangled Skein" на русском языке, автор: Piers Anthony. Русский перевод книги "With a Tangled Skein".

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With a Tangled Skein на русском языке

Рады представить вам русский любительский перевод книги «With a Tangled Skein» от автора Piers Anthony.

Перевод на русский язык выполнил Соболев Валентин.

Оригинальное краткое описание:

Weaver Niobe 21 learns to love husband Cedric 16, until he dies in her place — a plot of Satan. In revenge, she takes job as Clothos, youngest aspect of Fate, shares minds with Lachesis and Atropos. To save her son the Magician and grand-daughter Luna, she navigates a maze in Hell of 100 illusions and monsters, with 100 reality threads. Author’s Note 24-pg, bio 1-pg.

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